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Maria works as a school social worker and is a strong supporter of developing a healthy community for all.

Help us Build an Equitable, Inclusive, & Stronger DuPage community

Our community deserves an equitable government system. ALL donations will be used to help us reach voters.

I am seeking the opportunity to represent DuPage District One to continue to build an equitable, inclusive, and stronger DuPage community.
I am committed to creating a community of transparency. As a school social worker, I am a listener who considers all points of view and accepts constructive feedback. Listening is an important skill that can open the doors to creating understanding and empathy. Empathy is essential to our growth and the growth of our future. I promise to always think of the community and the members first.
I am running for DuPage District One because I believe that we have an obligation to listen, learn, and advocate for equitable government systems for communities to thrive.


Public Health 

  • Everyone should have the right to access affordable and quality healthcare, including individuals with pre-existing conditions.

  • Healthcare must be equitable for all individuals and provide mental health support to individuals. This includes having access to insurance and programs for uninsured individuals.

  • Programs like ACCESS, ensure uninsured individuals have access to medical support.

  • I want the County Board to continue to support all residents who would benefit from these resources as a county board member, I will continue to work with the health department to ensure individuals receive medical care despite health insurance coverage.


  • About 1,807 individuals were supported through DuPage Continuum of Care to help end homelessness.

  • Most vulnerable populations served in the community are children, survivors of domestic violence, veterans, and chronically homeless.

  • In order for our community to thrive, we need to be able to provide support and resources to our most vulnerable populations.

  • As a county board member, I will focus on development of affordable housing throughout our DuPage community, specifically expanding affordable housing grants to developers with our community's best interest. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  • The County Board is in the process of creating a 2024-2029 Strategic Plan that has strategic directives that include Diversity and Inclusion.

  • One of its current directives is to develop diverse leaders. We need to encourage and support more leaders of color including the county level. Diversity and Inclusion fosters community, economic growth, and innovation.

  • I want to connect and support the diversity of our community on issues that are important to them.  As a county board member, a person of color, I will bring my lived experiences, perspectives, and educational training to continue to promote diversity and inclusion at the county level.



  • Iron Workers Local 63

Elected Officials

  • Congresswoman
    Delia Ramirez

  • Congressman
    Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

  • Congressman
    Sean Casten

  • State Representative
    Norma Hernandez

  • State Representative
    Diane Blair-Sherlock

  • State Representative
    Michelle Mussman

  • DuPage County Circuit Court Clerk
    Candice Adams

  • DuPage County Auditor
    Bill White

  • DuPage County Board Member
    Michael Childress

  • DuPage County Board Member
    Liz Chaplin

  • DuPage County Board Member
    Greg Schwarze

  • DuPage County Board Member
    Paula Deacon Garcia

  • DuPage County Board Member
    Yeena Yoo

  • DuPage County Board Member
    Mary Fitzgerald Ozog

  • Former Democratic Party of DuPage Chair
    Ken Mejia-Beal


  • Run for Something

  • Indo-American Democratic Organization

  • Run for Something

  • LPAC

  • LGBTQ+ Victory Fund

  • Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate


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